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Ayo support #WeLoveBasketballIni kesempatan untuk berkontribusi memperbaiki 1,000 lapangan basket yang telah rusak di seluruh Indonesia. 
Caranya mudah:
1. Ke http://www.BallStarIndonesia.org 

2. Click #WeLoveBasketball

3. Isi formulir pemesanan baju

4. Transfer

5. Konfirmasi
Harga baju #WeLoveBasketball dengan nama & nomer punggung pilihan adalah:


Setiap pembelian baju akan dikumpulkan Rp.50,000 untuk memperbaiki lapangan.
Mengeluh tak berguna..

Berharap pihak tertentu, ya namanya juga berharap..

Lebih baik kita melakukan sesuatu yang NYATA!!!

You can make a difference!!!
Tunggu apa lagi???

‪+62 878‑8854‑7892‬



Something crazy I made for my wife’s (Citra Radityo) birthday. Song & video are all made in 3 hours. 

Hopefully is good enough also for all of you. Laugh it out if you feel like it. 😒 

Well here it is.. 

Or click👇🏼

New Happy Birthday Song ~ LuNaTiC (Bayu Radityo)

Respect to all,

Bayu Radityo a.k.a LuNaTiC 

2 year old baby having a Flying Fox experience
As a father, I had one of those parent worried experience when my baby boy Bryant Radityo begged & cried to ride a flying fox. The management had to discuss it internally before letting Bryant experience his 1st ride, because of his hight qualification. So basically this was also a 1st time for the park to have a 2 year old baby on the ride.

Everybody was worried when my baby walked up the tower with his mother (Citra Anggun Radityo). By the time he was about to do it, everybody there was holding their breath. The moment finally happened, my son was flying or sliding thru the rope to be exact. And when he was on the end of the ride, he did not move at all. Seconds later he was swinging his leg, it turned out he didn’t want it to end so quickly. So he did it for a second time.

After the second, we took all the gears & he strated to cry again. Yes, asking for another round. So my wife & I thought why not. It turns out it was not enough. But as parents we did not gave Bryant a fourth run because we think it would not educate our child if they always get what they want.

In the end he was still happy & took time gazing the flying fox while chewing his favorite snack. Wish I knew what he was thinking.


2 Year Old Baby Flying Fox Experience
This was a scary moment for me as a parent. But my baby boy Braynt Radityo begged & cried to ride the Flying Fox.

The management had to discussed it

The Last President 

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 I (Bayu Radityo) feel that SBY is the last quality President in my lifetime.

After Soekarno & Soeharto I think it’s safe to say no other except SBY will be capable to run this great nation with real control. Without having to over fear that our country is under economic attack.

As for Jokowi, I don’t believe he is fit for the task.. But he is the President right now, like it or not. I realy hope that Jokowi will stay President until his period is done, for the sake of Indonesian Political Health rather than his own sake. I salute his rank not the person.

Come to think of it why not Bayu Radityo for President.. Haha.. Just playing. I’m already a President, of my own company & also Prez of Ball Star Indonesia.Ha!
Well anyway here is a pic from my collection:

Bayu Radityo & SBY (Ketum Partai Demokrat & Mantan President Republik Indonesia)..”


.Indonesian Basketball League / IBL kembali menemani dunia perbasketan Indonesia setelah 5 tahun mati suri.
Nama lama vs. LOGO BARU..
Harapan yang tertunda vs. Promotor baru.. 
Membutuhkan keikhlasan dari berbagai “element” untuk menentukan serta menghasilkan yang terbaik dengan akselerasi yang terbaik untuk perkembangan olahraga bola basket.
Kita, masyarakat akan berdoa untuk yang terbaik & mendukung dengan hak sebagai penggemar.


Salam basket,

Bayu Radityo 


Selamat Berbuka Puasa

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