The Last President 

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

 I (Bayu Radityo) feel that SBY is the last quality President in my lifetime.

After Soekarno & Soeharto I think it’s safe to say no other except SBY will be capable to run this great nation with real control. Without having to over fear that our country is under economic attack.

As for Jokowi, I don’t believe he is fit for the task.. But he is the President right now, like it or not. I realy hope that Jokowi will stay President until his period is done, for the sake of Indonesian Political Health rather than his own sake. I salute his rank not the person.

Come to think of it why not Bayu Radityo for President.. Haha.. Just playing. I’m already a President, of my own company & also Prez of Ball Star Indonesia.Ha!
Well anyway here is a pic from my collection:

Bayu Radityo & SBY (Ketum Partai Demokrat & Mantan President Republik Indonesia)..”


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